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An old tape …


Pauline and Susanna found a cassette tape in Pauline’s mum’s house yesterday. Sean and Susanna had recorded it on 31 January 2000, when Sean was eight and Susanna was six, to send to their granny and grandad – Peter, their grandad, was seriously ill at the time. As Sean explains at the start, they made it in case granny and grandad didn’t remember their voices – they hadn’t seen them in a while.

On the tape, the two children recite poems, sing songs, and relate their news. Sadly, Peter would die just 10 days later.

When we manage to convert the tape to a usable format, I will post the file here.


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Some diary entries … 28 July to 31 August 1991

29 July 1991 – Sean aged less than 24 hours

29 July 1991 – Sean aged less than 24 hours

My intention was to post diary entries from 2004 (when I stopped keeping a diary) back as far as the day Sean was born, to try to give an insight into his life as a baby and a boy, and into the lives of the rest of his family too. I have now reached the beginning.

28/7/91 – I have already described this day here

29/7/91 – I got up pretty early, not having slept well. I spent a good part of the morning with Pauline and the baby, having first phoned work (cheers in the background) [and others] … the baby was fine – sleeping a lot – and Pauline was fine too … I cycled to the Coombe and back. Peter and Nuala arrived around 1.30, and after a cup of tea we went to the Coombe … Sean (we still hadn’t finally decided on a name) was looking great, and of course P & N loved him … [later] Christine, Aileen, Dave and Dervla arrived … the five of us went to the hospital (Christine was driving), where Sean again made a big impression. Later, the uncle and aunts went with the father to Arbour House, where everyone had a few drinks.

30/7/91 – The others were visiting Pauline in the afternoon session. I cooked spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, and we had a bottle of red wine, then Christine drove us all to the hospital. Mary and Aisling arrived too, Sean was universally eulogized; the uncle and aunts and I went home and then to Uncle Tom’s Cabin. We had all decided on ‘Seán Peter O’Brien’. [note: I always used the fada (accent) in Sean’s name in my diaries, and it appears on his birth certificate, but he didn’t bother with it himself, and I have followed his example on this blog.] Continue reading


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Some diary entries … March to May 1995

1/3/95 – I did a Chinese stir fry, helped by Sean.

4/3/95 – Sean went to Elaine’s birthday party … At one point Sean and Louise came running up to the front door blowing bubbles, and Sean, on the doorstep, somehow spilled some of the mixture into his eyes. There was much screaming. I tried to wash it out of his eyes and calm him down, then changed his shirt. When I was going to bring him back to the party, I slipped on the doorstep and fell, with Susanna in my arms. She bumped her head, but only slightly.

5/3/95 – Sean went to Brad’s birthday party. Continue reading

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Some diary entries … September to November 1995

1/9/95 – Sean’s first day at school. He and I got up at 7.55 – I’d been sleeping in Susanna’s bed. He was to start school at 9.45. Pauline got him organized, and there was no problem – some kids had to be dragged into the class kicking and screaming, but not Sean. He asked to sit beside Billy, it seems … [later] He got on very well, and came home full of glad tidings about his first day at school and refusing to change out his uniform for quite some time. Pauline and I were pleased that he’d taken to it so well.

4/9/95 – Sean was keen as mustard to get to school in the morning, afraid he’d overslept. (He hadn’t.) … [later] Pauline and Sean went to Blackrock and got a DART into town to buy a second pair of trousers and a second jumper for Sean’s school uniform.

7/9/95 – Sean is still loving school … he has a friend called Phillip, and is learning songs, prayers and Irish words. Continue reading


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A Night for Sean … 28 July 2012

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Friends and family turned out in force to celebrate what would have been Sean’s 21st birthday. A great night, and €560 raised for CRY. Many thanks to all concerned.


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Some diary entries … March to May 1997

3/3/97 – I took Sean and Susanna to the little park at the end of the road, and Sean and I played football – Pauline joined us after a while.

4/3/97 – In the afternoon Pauline took the kids over to Alison’s. Ruth, Daniel and Rory were there also, and the kids all played … I took Sean and Susanna to the end of the road; Sean and I played football again.

5/3/97 – Pauline went to her last counselling class and Susanna to her playschool. (Susanna’s ‘teacher’ says that Susanna is a great girl – good fun, self-contained, mixes well and so on. She always sits beside her little friend Gillian, who was 4 yesterday, and holds her hand in the yard.)

6/3/97 – Pauline and the kids continued to do big art on the back of wallpaper rolls – Sean did a vey good sea-serpent scene, all by himself. Continue reading


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Some diary entries … June to August 1997

6/6/97 – Pauline, the kids and I did some recording on the computer.

7/6/97 – In the afternoon, Pauline took the kids to a garden fête, despite the changeable weather.

8/6/97 – In the afternoon I took the kids to the green at the end of the road – Sean is now keen on playing tennis.

9/6/97 – Pauline walked with the kids to Sean’s school in the morning. Sean has a trip to the National Gallery and Natural History Museum today.

11/6/97 – Sean is going to Matthew’s birthday party … The party was a success; Pauline was complimented on Sean’s excellent behaviour when she went to collect him … [later] Sean complained of a sick tummy, perhaps from too much cake etc. Continue reading


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