A new song.


I walked up to
An open door
That I had seen
Some time before

I disappeared
Without a trace
And found myself
Another place.

I turned around
And heard the sound
Of angels’ voices in the rain

We have come here
From the frontier
It’s still early
On our journey

Can you show us
What’s below us
From the graveside
To the high tide?

When I came back
From that deep sleep
I brought a gift
I could not keep

It slipped away
It left my grip
It sails on some
Abandoned ship

I find a rhyme
From time to time
That brings me back
That takes me home

As I’m walking
I sometimes find
Those other voices
Are in my mind

The tide has turned
The birds have flown
And now the garden’s

I sing the song, but the
Words are wrong
I need to hear it sung again


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