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My Legs Are Weak

We bought Paloma Faith’s Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? CD for Susanna at Christmas 2009, and we used to listen to it in the car. I liked it a lot, and I called my first post on this blog, in May 2010, ‘Do you want the truth or something beautiful?’.

Susanna told Pauline recently that one track on the CD … ‘My Legs Are Weak’ … took on a whole new significance for her after Sean died. It’s not a track I paid much attention to before, but now I can see that it is a powerful song about losing a friend … in Faith’s case he was called Louis, it seems. It’s a lovely piece of work, and it seems very appropriate for Sean as well.

Goodbye, sweet angels. Continue reading


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Do you want the truth or something beautiful?

So, I now have my own blog after blogging on other sites for the past few years. I expect it’ll be rather liberating to stand outside the scope of incompetent, arbitrary moderation and petty control-freakery. I hope that some old friends and acquaintances from MyT, DnMyT and elsewhere will look in … and ‘new’ people too. Continue reading


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