All Souls’ Day

It was cold last night
No stars in sight
No moon to light the way
I thought that you
Might be lonely too
On the eve of All Souls’ Day

The storm had hurled
The teardrops in the world
Against some hearts of stone
I went to you
And told you to
Never cry alone

Only yesterday
I was on my way
To reap what I had sowed
When I stopped to take
A restful break
Near a graveyard by the road

Past the fading blooms
I walked among the tombs
Of people from this land
I read the stones
Above their bones
And felt them close at hand

Now I don’t know when
We will meet again
I don’t know how long we’ll live
But I still believe
We will receive
The same loving as we give

All the words we’ve said
The living and the dead
Won’t fully fade away
Our human race
Is still in this place
Every day is All Souls’ Day


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Filed under Death, Ireland, Music, Philosophy of life, Religion

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