Broken Wing

A song of mine …

Broken wing, broken wing
Sitting outside the window
Looking in
A bird still can sing with a broken wing.

Open sky, open sky
Nothing’s invisible to your
Eagle eye
When you have soared in the open sky.

You nearly starved, you nearly drowned
But it’s OK
Some people just walk the same ground
Every day …

You and I, you and I
With two good wings between us
We can fly
Free as a bird in the open sky.




Filed under Ireland, Music

3 responses to “Broken Wing

  1. Kiska

    Painful to listen to, it reminded me of one of the typical wailing joke singers on that awful Simon Cowell’s X-Factor show. The lyrics were absolutely dire. Don’t give up the daytime job and ask for your money back if you paid for singing lessons.

  2. Thanks, Derek: I hope all is well in Norfolk.

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