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Some diary entries … December 1996 to February 1997

2/12/96 – We got Sean off to school as usual; Pauline and Susanna are at Orla’s playgroup … [later] Sean was obsessed with a luminous star that Matthew had given him – Pauline and the kids were in Maria’s after school.

3/12/96 – Pauline did her lunch duty – she thinks that Sean is having a bit of a difficult time at school because Billy now plays with Matthew instead. They did pictures/collages of hot air balloons in the afternoon; I have Sean and Susanna’s on the wall in front of me – Sean’s is really very good.

4/12/96 – Pauline had a busy morning lined up – she was to help Ms Kingston get the kids into their silkworm costumes for a dress rehearsal before going to her counselling class … [later] Realized at 1.45 that Pauline might be expecting me to collect Sean, so I took Susanna to his school and he was still there with his teacher, who didn’t mind at all (nor did Sean).

5/12/96 – The concert went well – we left at the interval; Sean as silkworm had been on by then. Continue reading


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My Legs Are Weak

We bought Paloma Faith’s Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? CD for Susanna at Christmas 2009, and we used to listen to it in the car. I liked it a lot, and I called my first post on this blog, in May 2010, ‘Do you want the truth or something beautiful?’.

Susanna told Pauline recently that one track on the CD … ‘My Legs Are Weak’ … took on a whole new significance for her after Sean died. It’s not a track I paid much attention to before, but now I can see that it is a powerful song about losing a friend … in Faith’s case he was called Louis, it seems. It’s a lovely piece of work, and it seems very appropriate for Sean as well.

Goodbye, sweet angels. Continue reading

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Sean: fire and water, 1993

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Loved you then and love you now, Sean.

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Beating Heart, sung by Martina and Timmy

I hope you like it.


March 12, 2012 · 1:09 pm

Ballad group

Jim, me, Caroline, Padraig and Noel, onstage in Drumavaddy, 9 February 2012.

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Recording ‘Beating Heart’

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3 March 2012, in our kitchen. Timmy and Martina recording my song ‘Beating Heart’, with the help of Anto. Soon to be on YouTube … I’ll put a link on this blog.

A great day.


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