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Some diary entries … September to November 1994

1/9/94 – Pauline was in the park with Sean et al. and had a good time. Louise started school today.

2/9/94 – We went to the shop with the buggies later, for chocolate (a low dose for Sean), and watched some TV. (Sean collected lots of slugs in a bowl – picked them up. ‘They’re my friends. I love them.’)

4/9/94 – Pauline and I did some work in the front and back gardens, ‘helped’ by Sean et al.

5/4/94 – We took Sean, Susanna, Elaine and Louise to the park for a walk – good fun.

6/9/94 – We went to Sandymount for a drive – Pauline felt she hadn’t been getting enough practice lately. We walked/were carried on the strand for a while and Pauline drove us home in the dark. Sandymount strand brings memories back. Continue reading


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Two years

Sean, this time two years ago you were still with us. A few hours later you were gone.

You once told us, when we were discussing religion, ‘I believe in the power of the human mind.’ So do we … we have not lost the faith.

Love you dearly. Miss you terribly. Always, but especially at this time of the year, when the leaves on the Norway maple are yellow, like they were on that day.


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Some diary entries … December 1994 to February 1995

1/12/94 – I slept on the airbed with Sean, and we slept pretty well. I called Aileen and Jim at 6.45 – they had to catch a ferry back to Britain … [later] In the afternoon we all went to Dundrum. First we went to the library, then Sean and I had haircuts, then we went to the supermarket. Then home.

3/12/94 – I slept on a mattress in the office, with Sean in the bed beside me. I put on a video for him at 7.45, and Pauline later got up with Susanna – Susanna, and therefore Pauline, had slept very well … [later] The skip arrived, and I spent the next few hours filling it with rubbish from the shed, with some help from Pauline and less from Sean, Louise and Elaine. Sean went to Olivia’s party at 3, and is still there at 7. Susanna slept on my knee for the whole Barbarians v. South Africa match.

4/12/94 – Pauline and Sean washed the shed floor and cleaned it out. Continue reading


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