Two years

Sean, this time two years ago you were still with us. A few hours later you were gone.

You once told us, when we were discussing religion, ‘I believe in the power of the human mind.’ So do we … we have not lost the faith.

Love you dearly. Miss you terribly. Always, but especially at this time of the year, when the leaves on the Norway maple are yellow, like they were on that day.



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10 responses to “Two years

  1. Sean, we never met, nor did we know each other, but from what I hear from your dad I miss you too. You are a grand lad.

    • Thanks for this, PapaG … I hope you and your family are thriving, and you’re still enjoying your work and your music.

      • Brendano … should have read – “but from what I hear of your dad” but then again “day” is a lot more NOW! School is good, both for me and for Junior, and music continues to keep my spirits up. I have left you a picture of Kojo playing a ukelele. He knows the C chord, and can do a C7 and and A7. He has a better hand for grip and playing than myself with shortcrust stubby fingers. The photo reminds me of some of Sean with guitar, especially as regards light and shade … thought you’d like it!

        • I just changed ‘day’ to dad’ in your comment … maybe I should have left it! I received the pic, which is great, and will respond. Coincidentally, I was saying to Pauline last night that she should take up the ukulele, and we’re thinking of buying one … most of the chords look quite easy!

          It’s really nice to hear from you.

  2. Metin YILMAZ

    Hello Brendan, I understand you very well, my heart goes with you and yours..I’m sure your beloved son waits you in the garden of eden..All the Best.

  3. Shermeen

    Brendan. Somehow I did not look in here for a few weeks and I now regret breaking my routine. At times things become hazy and the mind does not compute. I have not associated the sadness of Sean’s passing with autumn before, perhaps my mind did not allow it, or perhaps I forget. Your reference to the yellow maple leaves is deeply poignant.

    I hope that as nature gave me an immense reason to override the sadness of autumnal ambience it will bring great joy for you too which will blur your sadness of this time of the year. Sean’s love and memory will never diminish. Its endearment will disperse into a different dimension.

  4. May he rest in peace.
    My best wishes to you, your wife and daughter, my friend.

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