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Red door

Another of Sean’s photos from a few years ago … another little piece of his world.

I don’t have as much time as I would like to write about Sean these days … I have another couple of songs on the way, and will type up more diary extracts, and post more of the music he liked, and more photos.

It’s still strange not to have him around. He has left a big hole in the world.



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Sean …

'Good times' was Sean's comment on this pic

You’re missing the Magners League final this weekend, and the Champions League final … but maybe you’d have gone to the Kings of Leon in Slane … some of your friends are going, and they wish you were too … I know what a great time you had when you saw them at Oxegen, and you texted your mum to say you could die happy … I found our old Because of the Times CD the other day … great to hear it again; it was like you were in the car beside me … also some of your old compilations … amused to find ‘The Big Strong Man’ along with serious stuff … I remember when we used to shout it out on car journeys when you and Susi were small.

We found an essay you wrote on Othello as well … we remember how much you enjoyed Othello. Your teacher wrote ‘Lovely opening’ and ‘Style of writing is very impressive and you make many many great points’. You were always very good at anything you liked. You were so talented. Continue reading


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That is the caption Sean gave to this photo, which he took from our garden. I can’t be sure that it was her real name. 🙂


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Sunset on Lough Ramor 3

Another photo taken by Sean a few years ago.


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A great rugby day …

… as Leinster smash Northampton in the second half to win the Heineken Cup. One of the greatest performances ever by an Irish team, I think, and a truly epic match that never flagged and was a credit to both teams.

Sean watched Leinster beat Saracens in this competition on the last day of his life. How he would have loved today’s final. His namesake was terrific, and it was wonderful to see him in full flight as Leinster turned into an unstoppable force.

I often feel that Sean is still with us. I felt that today, and it was very emotional. Cheers, Sean. Love you.


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Sean took this on 17 October 2007, exactly three years before he died. He captioned it ‘My dad’.


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Sean’s music 24 … David Gray

The Welsh singer-songwriter David Gray had massive success in Ireland with his fourth album, White Ladder, and this Irish acclaim led to his international breakthrough, which was well deserved.

White Ladder is a great album, in my opinion. We bought the CD and used to listen to it in the car – Sean really liked it, although Susanna claimed that the tracks are too similar (‘Didn’t we just hear this one?’). We later bought the Life in Slow Motion CD, and Sean put a track from it (‘You’re the One I Love’ – a song about being in love and dying) on a now legendary (in my mind), and lost, compilation CD of his. I mention Gray in my song ‘Come Back and See Me’.

Sean and I often discussed music. I remember I said that I thought ‘Say Hello Wave Goodbye’ was a weak track – perhaps I was prejudiced against it because it was a cover of a Soft Cell song. Sean disagreed, and brought me round to his way of thinking. Some people would probably deride Gray as uncool or ‘middle of the road’, but Sean never cared about things like that, and nor did I. Continue reading


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Well done, Susanna!


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One year

Pauline and I miss you, Donal.

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Some diary extracts … February to March 2001

6/2/01 – I had a game of chess with Sean.

7/2/01 – Sean had to be collected from school – someone had stood on his thumb. He later claimed that it had clicked back into place – i.e. it had been dislocated and was now ‘located’ (or the bones had been ‘reunited’) … Sean and I played chess.

11/2/01 – [In Warrenpoint for anniversary mass; met numerous relatives and ate and drank …] The climax was when Sean, egged on by Nuala, spat on his hand and shook hands with Tony to seal the deal that Tony and Molly would visit us in the summer.

15/2/01 – I had a couple of games of chess with Sean (he beat me yesterday), and did ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ with the kids, who were up quite late. Continue reading

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