I am a 60-year-old freelance editor/writer living in rural Ireland with my wife, Pauline, and two terriers. We have a grown-up daughter; our son, Sean, died suddenly on 17 October 2010, aged 19. Details of my editing/writing service are given here.

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  1. Yvonne

    Great sense of Sean as a person – very touching to read. Thinking of you all. Yvonne & Sarah x.

  2. Still Guffin'

    I still read your blog all the time, I read over old posts and look at the pictures and remember Sean, the music posts really bring back a lot of memories for me of Sean also.

    Some of your poem’s and diary entries are really touching too, I find it great that your doing this blog Brendan and hope you keep it up.
    I always wanna leave comments on posts and that but I just never quite know what to say is all.

    I know Christmas was hard, and I’m glad that we visited you guys too, sorry if we were some what unannounced it was a spontaneous enough decision to visit when we did, I kept saying I was gonna and never did so when the idea came to mind and all the lads wanted to as-well we just decided to pop in.

    I’d really like too see you again, I’d like a chance to talk to you in person. maybe something could be arranged in the next little while? If your not too busy of course.
    Hopefully Chat soon

    • Hello Adam … thanks for this, it’s good to hear from you.

      I’m really glad you like the blog, and I certainly plan to keep it up. It was great to see you and the other lads before Christmas. Feel free to drop in any time, but if you let us know first we’ll make sure we’re here. Also, I’d be happy to meet you in Virginia if you like, for a coffee or whatever.

      I’m doing this in memory of Sean, and also because it helps me and others. If it helps some of his friends, I’m delighted about that. Sean is something that we all have in common, and that will never change.

      Pauline sends her love … take care, Adam.

  3. pauline


    I didn’t know Sean, but I feel like I do now.
    Our boys go to school in Knocktemple, so we heard about what happened to your son.
    This is a lovely idea, words are so powerful. My name is Pauline and my husband’s name is Brendan, I think that’s why you all stuck in my mind.
    Your blog makes me treasure each and every moment with my little ones.
    Thanks for reminding us all just how important those moments are.


    The Melia Family.

    • Hi Pauline – thanks very much for the kind words. I’m delighted that my blog has had this effect … certainly all those moments are for treasuring. We had a lot of great ones.

      There was a pancake sale outside the shop today in aid of the CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) charity, in memory of Sean … it raised €755, a fantastic amount in a small community on a wet Tuesday afternoon.

  4. anne mcconnell

    I happened across your blog this morning, just wanted to say Sean sounds like a special person, loved his photos

    • Hi Anne … you’re very welcome to my blog, and thanks for taking the trouble to comment.

      We certainly felt that Sean was special, and a lot of other people did too.

  5. Those are the cutest black lab pups on the front page. What a nice website to bookmark and visit.

  6. Kevin Gallagher

    Hi Brendan, we’ve got that photo of Pabs in Fiji I can get you a copy? Drop me an email!


  7. Hi Brendan, This is Christine from the editors’ group, just in case you wonder who this new follower might be. Always happy to find another blogger among my friends. (My bloggy alter ego is Maud; I’m sort of anonymous.)

  8. JD

    Hi there Brendan. Just wanted to pay a compliment to your blog. I was searching for information on Yamo (an old event that used to take place in Navan) and found your site by chance.

    I used to go to school with Sean and recognised many of my old classmates on here. I moved away from Virginia and lost touch with people there just before Sean died so I actually had no idea he had passed. I’m truly shocked. Sean and I ran in different circles so I did not know him the best despite seeing him in school a lot. Your site made me feel like I got to know him a little more and understand who he was. Your poetry and songs for him are heartfelt. He is truly lucky to have someone who loves him as much as you do.

    All the best and thank you for sharing.

    • Hi JD. Thanks for taking the trouble to write this: it was really nice for Pauline and me to read your comment. We remember taking Sean to Yamo, and how he loved it at the time.

      We always like to hear from anyone who knew Sean, even slightly. He had a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, and is missed by a lot of people. I’m glad that my blog (which I don’t bother much with these days) is helping to keep his memory alive in some way.

      I hope you’re doing well where you are now.

  9. Avril

    I came across your diary entries on the internet because I was searching up something in dundrum tonight, the diary entries were from December 1994, then I jumped on a few years and read about the day Sean got knocked down by a car… my heart pounded as I read it… then I read a few more pieces and read that Sean had passed away many years later and so suddenly… I just want to cry… I feel so heartbroken for you all…
    from reading about your Christmas, Sean frowning up and in school to Sean passing away… I feel numb and I wanted to pass on my condolences, I am so sorry for your loss..

  10. Hi Avril. Thank you so much for this: I really appreciate it.

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