Lucky in Love

A new song.


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2 responses to “Lucky in Love

  1. David West

    Hi Brendan, Would you mind posting the lyrics as I couldn’t hear many of the lines well. I did hear references to birds and “bickering and sniggering”?
    but would like to hear the song words in full as I know you are a craftsman at it, I think you gave this song a gentle treatment and I suspect I would like it sung stronger – like you are telling the world – “I’m lucky in love”!
    Best wishes to you and your family. Will catch up soon.

    • Thanks, David! It’s always great to get your feedback, and it’s a good point about singing out more. These are the lyrics.

      Here comes a magpie, looking for the win
      But I’m only superstitious when he brings his twin
      Things could be better, things could be worse
      I’ve had your blessing and I don’t believe in a curse

      I’m tired of all the noisy talk
      It’s like a jackdaw fighting with a sparrowhawk
      There’s no engagement, there’s nothing new
      But all I need is what I get from you

      I don’t care about the bickering, the sniggering, the swinging of a hangman’s knot
      I don’t want to know the history of who said what
      I just want to see the rabbits in the fields and birds singing in the sky above
      I don’t care about money ’cos I’m lucky in love

      You are a calmness in the hurricane
      You are excitement that I can’t explain
      But angry people with their pointless words
      Are like the dogs in the garden, barking at the birds

      I remember all the songs we’ve sung
      A spider’s web on which some notes are hung
      To praise the living and mourn the dead
      But winter’s coming and the butter breaks the bread

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