A new song that I’ve written.


I lie awake and I’m pondering


Where the money goes

I think of times I was following


The Emperor’s new clothes

And when I thought I might lose the fight

I turned and walked away

Because your eyes were now telling me

There’d be another day


I am tired of the battlefield

My sword and shield

Hang upon the wall

All I’m feeling is gratitude

Hope renewed

Waiting for the call


I dream of heaven, I dream of hell

And places in between

I dream I sit by the wishing well

And tell you what I’ve seen


We have come through the winter time


And did not freeze to death

Now we know that our steps will rhyme

We will climb

Until we’re out of breath


We’ve seen the morning, we’ve seen the night

We’ve seen the darkest day

We’ve watched the shadows of candlelight

That slowly fade away


Broken hearts are still in the race

And free to face

This world of push and shove

All I know is the time we’ve spent

Is a testament

To undying love


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