My latest song …


I remember you told me

You were born on a ship at sea

All the oceans we’ve explored

Since the day I climbed on board

When the night was on its way

Clouds were dark above the bay

The moon was rolling down the hill

I loved you then, I love you still


I don’t mind if storms will rage

When I know they soon will pass

We will turn another page

We will raise another glass


Underneath the sky of stars

Or in crowded, noisy bars

All along the snow and ice

On our way to paradise


I don’t care if the sun goes in

When I know it soon will shine

I don’t mind when showers begin

I will keep your heart with mine


Our two voices make a song

Our two rights won’t make a wrong

When we’re weary of the shore

We will go to sea once more



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4 responses to “Ocean

  1. As with the other recent song, the words here are just beautiful. Simple and beautiful. They are so poetic and their is a voice singing here, that of yourself and your son. I’m playing at a new prison this morning but when I am home I will listen to the song! (And of course I have yet to feedback on the other one!)

    • Thanks, papaguinea. 🙂 I’d certainly be interested in the feedback.

      I think the previous song (‘Flow’), as I recorded it, is somewhat slow and hesitant, but I’m quite pleased with both of these: they are more generic songs than the ones I was writing a few years ago, and could be sung by anyone.

      • Brendano I like that a lot and especially the accompaniment when you kind of picking on top notes on guitar. It comes over very well, nothing fancy but perfectly weighted. I can see it sung on a stage. (To an audience!)

        • Thanks a lot, pg: I’m glad you like it. 🙂 I think it’s a nice simple little song, and would sound good if performed by the right person. It had its public debut in a pub on Saturday night.

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