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30,000 hits

I see that my blog has just passed the ‘30,000 hits’ mark. I started it around the beginning of May, and it had roughly 10,000 hits in each of the months of May and June. The rate of views then fell, possibly due to my inattention and/or some determined attacks by an ID hijacker; it has risen again lately.

Thanks to all who have shown an interest, and especially the most regular commenters, for whom I have a great deal of affection and respect. I intend to keep blogging here (DV), and hope to have interesting things to report in the coming weeks and months.

If not, I’ll just make some up.



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One month on …

On 4 May, in my first post here, I wrote: “So, I now have my own blog after blogging on other sites for the past few years. I expect it’ll be rather liberating to stand outside the scope of incompetent, arbitrary moderation and petty control-freakery. I hope that some old friends and acquaintances from MyT, DnMyT and elsewhere will look in … and ‘new’ people too.”

One month on, I’ve enjoyed this blog and the people who visited. As I write, there have been 8,450 views (up to 739 on any given day … yesterday was the second-busiest) and 876 comments. Presumably quite a few people have visited without commenting; they are very welcome to comment if they wish.

My thanks go to everyone that has taken an interest in ‘The road to God knows where’ in the past month.


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