30,000 hits

I see that my blog has just passed the ‘30,000 hits’ mark. I started it around the beginning of May, and it had roughly 10,000 hits in each of the months of May and June. The rate of views then fell, possibly due to my inattention and/or some determined attacks by an ID hijacker; it has risen again lately.

Thanks to all who have shown an interest, and especially the most regular commenters, for whom I have a great deal of affection and respect. I intend to keep blogging here (DV), and hope to have interesting things to report in the coming weeks and months.

If not, I’ll just make some up.



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18 responses to “30,000 hits

  1. Congrats.
    Obviously you can’t be ignored, Brendan. 😉

  2. Thanks, Levent. It’s not easy being so popular … 🙂

  3. Rainer the cabbie

    I suspect that you get quiet a few hits from Maggie and her clan.
    Just shows you how utterly boring their site must be when they have to go to yours in order to pass the time.

    Well done Brendano, come 100000 and I’ll sent you a bottle of Aussie Shiraz to celebrate with.

  4. I shall redouble my efforts, Rainer. 🙂 Thanks for everything.

  5. Rainer the cabbie

    I do forgive you Cymbeline. 😉

  6. Excellent. Seems D.G Haslams best efforts at sabotage came to nowt. Still, what can one expect from a repressed gay monkey spanker? He makes Bearsy look intelligent!

  7. Brendano, congratulations on passing another significant milestone! I just thought I’d let you know that I am one of your regular, if largely silent, readers, and that I always value your comments on Ana the Imp. I read your blog below and am mystified as to why you should have attracted such obsessive hatred. I suppose it’s just one of the penalties of being on the internet.

  8. Thanks, Ana … it’s nice to see you here. Unfortunately I’m not as prolific as you, so there’s not a whole lot to read on my blog. 🙂

    The person in question has a large number of neuroses, which he feels free to vent fully online. For example, he is obsessed with the idea that I am extremely poor, unemployed, and living in squalor and degradation. He also has a filthy mind.

    Material for some future fiction, perhaps. 🙂

  9. Ike Jakson


    I somehow missed this Post when it first appeared; my thoughts have been up in the hills these past two days.

    Congratulations. Make no mistake; it is quite a feat for a one man Blog.

  10. Ike Jakson


    Did you say Shiraz somewhere? It’s my ultimate favorite in reds. Do remember me when you have some?

  11. Ike Jakson


    Ek hoop jy is sterk vandag.

    Because on this day or probably during the evening some time the patterson’s will hit the 100 000 reads target at the cave and burst out in rejoicing.

    There have been some trepidation and Dada Bear have had to venture into vile places like MyT drumming up support for reads and comments amongst their “loyal silent readers” [and leaving snide remarks about my Site], calling Brendan names in some of their Posts [all the usual thing] because only six or seven of their 48 have been commenting of late.

    So today is the big day; you have to behave if you don’t want to be blamed; smile and endure.

    Vasbyt Boetie.

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