The Wolf

A new song by me.

I thought I told you before
About keeping the wolf from the door
You know where it ends
All of his friends
Will want to come in and explore

I’m not going out in the snow
With wind chill it’s eighteen below
The howling I’ve heard
Has made me quite scared
And the fire has a nice golden glow

All of the animals
Lie down in the barn
Waiting for you to get home from the zoo
And spin them a yarn

Tonight while we lie fast asleep
The wolf will round up all the sheep
The store will be full
Of mutton and wool
But the price that we’ll pay is too steep

This wolf knows the language I speak
He’s come to the window to peek
You left me alone
With meat on the bone
And the outcome looks more and more bleak

Sooner or later the town
Will rise up and put the wolf down
The streets will be safe
For the stray and the waif
But we’ll have no more sorrows to drown


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