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A new song that I’ve written for a project I’m involved in.


Words will flow
From below
To capture what we’re feeling

Peace will come
Out of some
Well of inner healing

Words of hate
Words of love are gentle

When words are true
They join us to
Something fundamental

Words of love are real
Words of love can heal
Only words can say it all

You are part
Your soul and heart
Are crying for connection

I’m like you
I’m crying too
Please look in my direction

The holy ground
We lost is found
In steps we take together

Learning to
Enjoy the view
In rain or sunny weather

Words of love are real
Words of love can heal
Only words can say it all

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Six Feet Under


Pauline and I have watched all five seasons (63 episodes) of Six Feet Under in the past few months, having seen the series first when it came out in 2001–2005. Susanna watched many of the episodes with us; I think Sean would have loved it (he was too young to watch when it was first aired).

To me, it’s the best TV show I have ever seen (Pauline feels the same way). Admittedly the various blockbuster series of the past few years passed us by, but I very much doubt that any of them would surpass Six Feet Under in my mind. The writing and acting are superb; the complexity and humanity of the characters come across believably and often beautifully, and the fact that death is ever present only accentuates the value and vividness of life, in all its imperfection. Music (such as the highly evocative main theme), dreams and fantasy offset or accentuate the grittiness. Continue reading


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Sean designed this mosaic and made it from stained glass when he was around 10, I think … it’s been hanging on my office wall ever since. It was too large to scan in one go, and some of the colours haven’t come out perfectly, but never mind.

He wrote a poem to go with it.

by Seán O’Brien

Sometimes I just wish I could get away from it all
I wish I could get away from the modern day rush
Sometimes I just wish I could get a plane to … PARADISE!!!


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