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Happy days

Leinster v. Ulster in the Heineken Cup final … Sean would be thrilled. We always hoped that two Irish sides would meet in the final one day, although Ulster’s resurgence was unexpected … we would have expected Munster to be there.

Leinster’s victory in Bordeaux today was one of the true epics … Sean would have loved it, as would Kieron King, a Leinster fanatic. It seems fitting that Clermont’s final attack, when they laid siege to the Leinster line, was repelled by none other than Sean O’Brien.

Happy rugby days in these strange, often difficult but also rewarding times.



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Sean and Deanna

A nice picture posted elsewhere by Sean’s friend Deanna this week … we hadn’t seen it before.

I well remember all the potholes on the long, winding lane to Deanna’s house when I used to drop Aaron and Sean there. Happy days.

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Kieron King

Rest in peace, Kieron. So sorry to see you go.

Brendan and Pauline


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Ramor Theatre exhibition

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On 23 March, the Ramor Theatre in Virginia showed a programme in the Lesser Spotted Ulster television series that featured Virginia. The theatre used a photo of Lough Ramor taken by Sean to publicize the event in its brochure.

When the photo’s provenance was pointed out, the theatre offered to hold a small exhibition of Sean’s photos of the Virginia area to coincide with the Lesser Spotted Ulster showing. We had five of them nicely framed, and they were hung in the theatre (as it happens, a reflection of a stained-glass window by Pauline is visible in one of them).

The Ramor Theatre has offered to hold a more extensive exhibition of Sean’s work in the future.


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