Happy days

Leinster v. Ulster in the Heineken Cup final … Sean would be thrilled. We always hoped that two Irish sides would meet in the final one day, although Ulster’s resurgence was unexpected … we would have expected Munster to be there.

Leinster’s victory in Bordeaux today was one of the true epics … Sean would have loved it, as would Kieron King, a Leinster fanatic. It seems fitting that Clermont’s final attack, when they laid siege to the Leinster line, was repelled by none other than Sean O’Brien.

Happy rugby days in these strange, often difficult but also rewarding times.



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5 responses to “Happy days

  1. Hi Brendano – congratulations on the Leinster win. Were you able to watch it live? I haven’t been following the rugby news lately – Saturday afternoons I’ve been doing these little bets (50p and £1) on football results and scores, plus this afternoon watching Chelsea and Spurs and all the footy of the previous ten days!

    I guess there are mixed emotions for you on the rugby games, knowing Sean would be with you shoulder to shoulder, full-blast vocals and punching the air etc. My thoughts are that you are your own man now, like the coach becomes the player. Sean is like the “Brighton” in your own stick of rock! (Its your rock, but Sean is imprinted throughout.)

    Anyway I hope the rugby final is played in the best traditions and you can enjoy the occasion wherever you choose to watch. I have not commented lately but I can assure you I am about and you can rely on me to throw my hat into the ring!

    Will catch up later on school stuff and music.

    PS As for the rock, it aint no candy stick but is something Irish, ancient, hard as diamond yet something magical as well.

    • Hi PapaG … good to see you; thanks for the comment. Yes, strange days, as I said in the post, and these big rugby occasions can be especially emotional now. It’s great when they go your way, though!

      We are in something of a lull at the moment but are planning to continue to develop the music, in collaboration with others. We have all the ingredients we need to do that. My friend Sean has been coming to the house with his mandolin for some practice once a week, which is good fun.

      I watched a good bit of football over the weekend as well … you must have enjoyed Spurs’ victory, and especially Walker’s goal. They seem to be back on form … it’s an exciting finish to the season.

      I hope all’s well with your work and family.

      • We did watch the match live, incidentally … we have Sky again. I prefer watching at home to having to go to a pub (not that I’m generally averse to pubs).

  2. Shermeen

    Hello Brendano. Although I do not follow rugby, I empathise with your blog. You say rather a lot in a few words here. Best wishes.

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