Ramor Theatre exhibition

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On 23 March, the Ramor Theatre in Virginia showed a programme in the Lesser Spotted Ulster television series that featured Virginia. The theatre used a photo of Lough Ramor taken by Sean to publicize the event in its brochure.

When the photo’s provenance was pointed out, the theatre offered to hold a small exhibition of Sean’s photos of the Virginia area to coincide with the Lesser Spotted Ulster showing. We had five of them nicely framed, and they were hung in the theatre (as it happens, a reflection of a stained-glass window by Pauline is visible in one of them).

The Ramor Theatre has offered to hold a more extensive exhibition of Sean’s work in the future.



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8 responses to “Ramor Theatre exhibition

  1. Shermeen

    Hello Brendano. I am so glad these beautiful photographs have been exhibited. Sean’s photography is to be celebrated. I have always been a fan.

  2. Hello Brendan.

    I recognise at least two of Sean’s photographs. What a fitting tribute. I spotted Pauline’s window too.

    Hope you and your family are well.

    • Hello Araminta – it’s nice to see you; thanks very much for this. I hope you and Bilby are well.

      We are fine, but it’s, a sad weekend here on account of the death of Kieron, the brother of our friend Timmy, in a tragic accident on Thursday. A big shock to the community, and a big loss.

  3. susiwing

    Brendan and Pauline,
    Brilliant photos, an eye for light, glad to see Sean’s work being celebrated. You shared Ramor theater with my Dad and I on his book tour, we saw a wonderful school performance.
    Thinking of your family with great fondness,

    • Hello Susi … thanks very much for this. We certainly enjoyed the visit of your Dad and you, and we hope to see you again sometime.

      Best wishes to all your family.

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