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Leinster champions (again)

It was so great that on the day when the European football final was Germany v. England, the European rugby final was Ireland v. Ireland … something that would have been a dream come true for Sean.

Pauline, Susanna and I watched it at home and enjoyed it thoroughly, free of the awful suspense of Leinster’s semi-final win in Bordeaux, knowing that it was Ireland’s day whatever happened. But we were rooting for Leinster, just as Sean would have been, even though we live just on the Ulster side of the Leinster-Ulster border. The fact that Sean O’Brien was man of the match yesterday was a nice little bonus.

Kieron King would have loved it too … he lived on the Leinster side of the border and was a fanatical Leinster fan (although he was buried in Ulster … Timmy managed to make a joke about that in his funeral oration).

Sean and Kieron, I hope you enjoyed Leinster’s victory, somewhere, somehow.



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Some diary entries … September to November 1996

1/9/96 – In the afternoon we all went to Malahide Castle, going badly wrong on the way and ending up in Howth. We had a good time at the model railway display (which was very impressive) and playground, and there was a sort of rally of old and modern motor vehicles (we were all in a fire engine). Good fun. Got lost again on the way home.

2/9/96 – Sean’s first day in Senior Infants. Pauline gave him a shower in the morning and dressed him in his (mainly) new uniform … [Later] Pauline, Susanna and Olivia (who started school today) went to collect Sean and will head on to the beach … [Later] Pauline and the kids arrived back from Bray …. Sean’s first day back at school had gone fine.

6/9/96 – Sean slept late, having come in to us during the night after a ‘bad dream’ … [Later] Phillip was here playing with Sean for the afternoon, to Sean’s delight. They set off to go around the block, but crossed the road and ended up in Broadford Drive, to the annoyance of Pauline and me.

7/9/96 – Pauline and Susanna went with Sean to watch him have his first swimming lesson in Sandymount, which went well. Continue reading


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