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Make Time Good

A new song.


I know you’ve done the best you could
I know you have a hill to climb
We just need to make time good
We don’t need to make good time

I don’t have any place to go
There’s nothing heavy on my mind
I’m prepared to take it slow
You never know what we might find

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A new song that I’ve written.


I lie awake and I’m pondering


Where the money goes

I think of times I was following


The Emperor’s new clothes

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Solid Gold


This is a new song that I have written. To listen, please click here:


In times that I look back upon
I see the golden light that shone
But that you would soon be gone
There was no way of knowing

If I had the choice of things to do
With anybody that I knew
I would like to sit with you
And watch the water flowing

But the river bends
And our absent friends
Have moved on out of sight
Into the gentle night

When our yearning blends
With words the spirit sends
The song we sing for them
Is not a requiem
The love we hold
Is solid gold

When our hearts are open wide
Connection cannot be denied
Love will bridge the great divide
And break the chains that bind us

In this world of flesh and bone
We all will reap what has been sown
When we roll away the stone
That’s hiding what’s inside us

You and I are one
Beneath the moon and sun
Just like those olden days
Seen through a golden haze

In the market of
Our pure undying love
The things we sacrifice
Will go to pay the price
What’s bought and sold
We have been told
Is solid gold


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Love You and I Always Will


This is a simple little song that I’ve written, sung here with no accompaniment. To listen, please click here:


All the leaves are falling down
On the fields and in the town
The cup of life is hard to fill
Love you and I always will

I can hear some people say
They’re sad to see you’ve gone away
As I’m climbing up the hill
Love you and I always will

Love you all the way and back
What you have is what I lack
Memories are not a proper meal

I’ve four seasons in each day
From September up to May
Summer rain or winter chill
Love you and I always will

That old magic is still in
Air I breathe and on my skin
Birds that sang are singing still
Love you and I always will

Time will pass, the months and years
Will fall down around my ears
But the way I feel will never change


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