Love You and I Always Will


This is a simple little song that I’ve written, sung here with no accompaniment. To listen, please click here:


All the leaves are falling down
On the fields and in the town
The cup of life is hard to fill
Love you and I always will

I can hear some people say
They’re sad to see you’ve gone away
As I’m climbing up the hill
Love you and I always will

Love you all the way and back
What you have is what I lack
Memories are not a proper meal

I’ve four seasons in each day
From September up to May
Summer rain or winter chill
Love you and I always will

That old magic is still in
Air I breathe and on my skin
Birds that sang are singing still
Love you and I always will

Time will pass, the months and years
Will fall down around my ears
But the way I feel will never change



Filed under Death, Memories, Music

4 responses to “Love You and I Always Will

  1. Ike Jakson

    Thanks for reminding me Brendan. You deserve so much for just being there for others like …. well, a lone old sod with memories. God Bless you and yours. IkeJ

    On 8/22/13, The road to God knows where … Brendan O’Brien

  2. Shermeen

    You encapsulate the power of your love for Sean so very well here, yet again.

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