A Night for Sean … 28 July 2012

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Friends and family turned out in force to celebrate what would have been Sean’s 21st birthday. A great night, and €560 raised for CRY. Many thanks to all concerned.


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4 responses to “A Night for Sean … 28 July 2012

  1. Wow, I’m jealous. It all looks so warm and friendly. There was one table full of empty glasses! (In between takes.) I recognise a few and yourself of course. I almost recognised Sean, his face seems to fit in every picture! Bet the music was great and I hope to hear more from you on that front. Thanks for putting these photos together for us to enjoy. Looks like a grand old time.

    • Hello PapaG … thank you. Yes, a grand old time was had. The empty glasses were after the bar finally closed … we eventually left after 3 am. Really pleased that it went so well. Pauline and I were out again last night, listening to Timmy, Martina & co. in another bar!

      • papaguinea

        Sounds like you are on circuit! I remember years ago in the mid sixties I was in Killarney with a mate for 4-5 days. We did a circuit of pubs and hotels with the local lads, many of whom played piano, entertaining all the US tourists, doing all the Irish and whatever songs – I even bought a lot of sheet music before I came home. Whack fo the diddle and all that stuff! It was nearly another 25 years before I went back to Ireland … that was one hell of a big mistake on my part as loved the week in Killarney with the local lads. Yes, Timmy and Martina feature a lot in the pictures. One day I will hear them live!

        • Yes, I hope so … they’re very good. I remember you mentioned the Killarney trip before … sounds like fun. Musicians are generally nice people and good fun, I find … you’re no exception!

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