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  1. papaguinea

    And so it does! Good afternoon Brendano. I am excited about a new writing project I am undertaking with a friend – creating a small series of pictures books (integrated text and pictures) illuminating the world of autism. More of that another time. .I do like the idea of a music workshop, And of course I encourage you to continue to spin those lines and toss the chord changes about! .

    • Good afternoon, papaguinea. Thanks for the encouragement … you’ve always been very generous.

      Good luck with the new project … it sounds interesting. Maybe you could find a way of integrating music as well – perhaps through an online link.

      I’d be happy to take a look at any text you might generate, with my editor’s hat on.

      • papaguinea

        That’s kind of you Brendano as I make many basic mistakes with punctuation! But the books, 6 of them, will be short pictures stories, integrated text and illustrations, revealing something of the autistic mind (how an autistic child constructs his/her world). But the books will be written from the perspective that is in the autistic child that educates the adult! The students though will be portrayed as inert objects, objects from the classroom e.g. eraser, ruler etc. We will use speech bubbles, speech thoughts and a magic wand when an object wants to write! Each of six stories would have an insightful ending, something revealed, where the adult learns something of the inner world of autism. Its a crazy idea, but removing the person from the story enables abstractions to take place. I will give you a preview of the first once we are up and running, using Photoshop/Gimp to produce the images. The idea was born only a few weeks and given a big lift yesterday when we hit upon the picture story format. In the next few months I will become free to tell you a whole lot more when much of this will be put into perspective. Watch this space!
        I sometimes wish more people would share stories with you on the blog, yet it may come. I know Cymbeline has contributed much and I know you appreciate that.

        • Well, it sounds very interesting and original, and I look forward to hearing more about it! I wish you and your friend every success in developing it.

          Yes, I do appreciate Cymbeline’s input here, which has been great. And I would certainly like more people to share their stories here too.

  2. Cymbeline

    Thank you for the information, Brendano. What is the significance of the .com? Does it mean that your blog has a different internet status now? I am ignorant of such things.

    • It just means that I have paid a small fee for the address ( wasn’t available, for example), and when anyone enters it they will be directed automatically to this blog. Ease of memory is the idea … if I tell someone I meet about my blog.

  3. Cymbeline

    Sounds like a good idea. I hope your blog develops as you wish it to. I’m going away for the summer and will be trying to keep away from screens! See you in September or so.

    Best wishes to you and your family, as always.
    Anna xxx

  4. Shermeen

    Great idea, this new url.

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