Sean and Clio in the Snow (a song for Clio)

I love this photo, which I have posted here before. I have written a song that was inspired by it and other photos of Sean and Clio in the snow, which have a certain magic for Pauline and me.

Please click here to play the song: sacits3

Sean and Clio in the Snow

On the wall some photos show
Sean and Clio in the snow
On the streets of Cavan town
With the snowflakes drifting down

From the snug apartment’s heat
Snow calls them out onto the street
They go walking hand in hand
In the winter wonderland

All the beauty of the night
All the songs that might be sung
Call and cannot be denied
By the heartbeats of the young

Stopping by the library
He takes a photo happily
Two lovers going with the flow
Sean and Clio in the snow

Back to Hampton Court they walk
As they go they laugh and talk
Freezing in the winter scene
But happy as they’ve ever been

All the love in this cold place
Captured in a picture frame
The beauty of a human face
All the wonder of this game

All the mischief, all the joy
Of love between a girl and boy
Underneath a street-light’s glow
Sean and Clio in the snow

Up above to down below
Fall the ancient flakes of snow
Down below to up above
Clio sends her gift of love

In his deepest dreams I know
Sean still sees the Cavan snow
All around the town they go
And Sean is laughing with Clio
And it always will be so.



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18 responses to “Sean and Clio in the Snow (a song for Clio)

  1. I like the gentle feel of this and especially love the last three verses. This may be another song I will look on to translate to keyboard. I’m not so sure of the bottom note of F when you sing low – its pushing you, but then you have a unique way of singing – its your voice – and the whole thing has a charm because of that! But this is also a song I would like to hear by a female singer. (PS I haven’t forgotten my promise to “score” an earlier song of yours!) I also like the narrative in this song.

    • Hello, pg … thanks very much for this – you’re very kind. I’m glad you like the song. When I listen to these recordings I do realize that I flirt with tunelessness at times (and that’s being kind to myself). 🙂 I know some very good female singers who may sing it.

      Pauline likes this one a lot, and I hope Clio will too. It’s terribly emotional for us – I could never sing it in public. The line ‘Sean and Clio in the snow’ has been in my head for some time.

      I have a notion that the moment captured here has not been lost, but still exists and always will. We have had a stressful and traumatic week, and we feel that Sean has been helping us.

  2. I’ve now uploaded a version in D rather than C. Thanks again for your feedback, pg.

    • papaguinea

      Yes indeed! A more comfortable platform!
      Much enjoyed. On a personal training note, I wonder if you might edge your keys one or two up, to see how your voice might fare on the higher notes. I’m interested in the quality of your voice at those higher notes! (PS Do you sing Bass or tenor in the church choir – or do only sing the melody?)

      Anyway, have a relaxed Friday and weekend. Thank God indeed for music making.

  3. Clio

    Brendan i love it its perfect…….It describes us so well i couldn stop myself from cryin but it was amazing i really appreciate it thank you x

    • Hi Clio … great, I’m really happy that you like it! It’s for you.

      If I’d spoken to you first I could probably have got more details about that night and put them in, but I thought I’d just go for it.

      I hope you’re doing OK, and that we’ll see you soon. Take care.

  4. papaguinea

    Its smashing that Clio likes this .. I guess ‘cus you’ve hit the right buttons Brendano … you’ve touched that “chord”. I’m up to the river tonight, Queen Elizabeth Hall, for some jazz. And clocks forward tomorrow – lighter horizons in the evening!

  5. Good stuff, pg! Enjoy it.

    I’ve uploaded yet another version of this one (in E, with Pauline :-)).

  6. Aunty Pud

    I’m really blown away with all your songs Bob but I really think this is my favourite though it does reduce me to tears everytime. I try to sing along with all the songs but only get half way on this one. I love it.

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