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Sean as rugby player 2

Sean with Brian O'Driscoll, 16 May 2004

[Extracts from my diary]

15/2/03 – Pauline got up early to drop Sean at the rugby club in Virginia – his under-12 team had a match in Enniskillen. This was his first ever proper rugby match … He had a great time – they had in fact played two short matches, of which they won one and drew one. Sean had played first centre and second row.

29/3/03 – Sean had an under-12 match against Athboy, which we attended. He did well, but Athboy had a much better team and won comfortably.

27/4/03 – Virginia under-12s had a match in Athboy. Sean apparently had a good game and got a lot of praise for his tackling – his team lost by a try.

25/10/03 – Sean played a rugby match for Virginia under-14s in Cavan … the match was a 10–10 draw; he enjoyed it hugely. It was an 80-minute match on a full-sized pitch with full-sized goals. Continue reading

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