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A new song that I’ve written.


I lie awake and I’m pondering


Where the money goes

I think of times I was following


The Emperor’s new clothes

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My latest song …


I remember you told me

You were born on a ship at sea

All the oceans we’ve explored

Since the day I climbed on board

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A new song that I’ve written.


You can’t drive a straight mile on a crooked road
Or walk away from reaping what you’ve sowed
Or fill your head with other people’s stuff
Because their dreams will never be enough

You will try
To live a life of peace
With love that will increase
The summer’s golden glow

When the dark
Of night will take its toll
The hope that’s in your soul
Will let you

Echoing the songs of long ago
Love will grow
When it’s time to start again you’ll go
With the flow

All the things you’ve done are in the past
All the days are flying by so fast
Still you try to read another sign
The time has come for crossing one more line

Soon the sun
Will bring another day
The night will fade away
New flowers will start to grow

And the life
That brings them out to play
Will find some other way
To flow


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Solid Gold


This is a new song that I have written. To listen, please click here:


In times that I look back upon
I see the golden light that shone
But that you would soon be gone
There was no way of knowing

If I had the choice of things to do
With anybody that I knew
I would like to sit with you
And watch the water flowing

But the river bends
And our absent friends
Have moved on out of sight
Into the gentle night

When our yearning blends
With words the spirit sends
The song we sing for them
Is not a requiem
The love we hold
Is solid gold

When our hearts are open wide
Connection cannot be denied
Love will bridge the great divide
And break the chains that bind us

In this world of flesh and bone
We all will reap what has been sown
When we roll away the stone
That’s hiding what’s inside us

You and I are one
Beneath the moon and sun
Just like those olden days
Seen through a golden haze

In the market of
Our pure undying love
The things we sacrifice
Will go to pay the price
What’s bought and sold
We have been told
Is solid gold


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Running in the Dark


This is a new song: to listen to it, please click here: Running in the Dark


You are an echo in the entrance hall
You are a song that I can’t quite recall
It once was playing
As we made our rounds

You are the laughter from another floor
You are the moon behind the sycamore
That is swaying
In the castle grounds

You had no fear of running in the dark
And when you lost your way it left no mark
I sometimes thought that you had gone too far
But I would like to wind up where you are

You’re consolation for the deepest loss
In a world that’s carrying a cross
Still a broken
Heart can be raised up

You are a kindness that has been repaid
You are a celebrating cavalcade
When a local
Team has won the cup

When the rain has fallen
We’ll watch the flood
From our universe of flesh and blood
When the cards are dealt we’ll get on with the game
But everything has changed
And nothing … nothing … nothing remains the same

You had no fear of running in the dark
And when you lost your way it left no mark
I sometimes thought that you had gone too far
But I would like to wind up where you are


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Do You Hear Me When I Speak?


This is the latest song that I’ve written – I started it a year or more ago, and finished it just recently. To listen please click here: Do You Hear Me When I Speak

Tired of thinking of what might have been
Tired of keeping up the fight
Tired of sinking into an old dream
To wake up blinking at the light

All the stories are misunderstood
All the carousels are stuck
In the battle we did what we could
All we needed was some luck

Have you found some place that’s good?
Do you know how much you’re missed?
Would you come back if you could?
Does the story have a twist?
And will we ever find the things we seek?
Do you hear me when I speak?

Chasing rainbows down overgrown lanes
Clearing nettles from the lawn
Looking around for whatever remains
When the energy is gone

All the faces behind every mask
All the photographs I scan
All the questions that I’d like to ask
All the races that we ran

All the glory that’s hiding its light
All that can’t be put in words
All the time that I’m trying to write
The dogs are barking at the birds

All the players that let down the team
All the candidates that lie
All the visions that run out of steam
All the moments that go by


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