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Sean’s music 13 … Oasis

Sean listened to Oasis quite a lot … one more part of the soundtrack to his life, and mine. His favourite tracks were the ones in the clips below. We bought Stop the Clocks, a compilation double CD, some years back, and used to listen to it in the car. It was one of those that we all liked; good melodic songs from a guitar band.*

I have a vivid memory of driving down our road on a sunny evening in the summer of 2009 with Sean in the passenger seat and our neighbour Andy in the back, on our way to play Astroturf football, with the irresistibly upbeat ‘She’s Electric’ on the CD player. A happy time, with no worries and no notion of what the future held.

‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ reminds me that Sean was quite keen on both … part of his philosophy of living life to the full. He never smoked (nor swore, for that matter) in front of his mum or me, and we found out only quite recently that he had been smoking for a few years (there are various photos of him with a cigarette). I disapproved strongly, and pestered him to quit. I think he would have, as he was quite health-conscious. He was in a social scene where a lot of people smoked; he would have moved on. He had been talking to his mother about making changes in his life. Continue reading


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