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Sean’s music 28 … Lisa Mitchell

Sean used to play Lisa Mitchell’s ‘Neapolitan Dreams’ a lot. He really liked it, and he put it on a compilation CD for us to play in the car. I really like it too – it’s fresh and catchy, with the wide-open feel of halcyon teenage days – and I associate it almost painfully with good times had with Sean. I used to associate it with Vanessa Carlton’s ‘White Houses’, and could never remember either singer’s name, to Sean’s amusement.

The All-Ireland Fleadh is on in Cavan at the moment, as it was this time last year, when Sean was working behind the bar in the Breffni Inn. Now the weather is colder, wetter and windier than it was then – unlike last year, when we went up there several times, we probably won’t make it to the Fleadh this year. Looking forward to seeing Dave and Dervla and perhaps going to a different music session tomorrow night, though. Continue reading



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