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Definition of hate-mailer: ‘hopeless loser’

Why would somebody spend his time posting abusive messages to a stranger on the Internet – up to 30 in a single night? Why would one try to find out the names of that stranger’s neighbours and family members in order to incorporate them in obscene fantasies?

It can only be a sign of a diseased and paltry mind, consumed by some kind of pathological envy. Every crank message is a mere paraphrase of ‘I am a hopelessly insecure loser’, and that is how they are read, when I read them at all.

I hope that Mr Haslam, hunched over his computer somewhere in the east of England, will make a full recovery in due course, and find more productive things to do with his limited time.

If he doesn’t, he will remain the extremely pathetic loser. His life must be very miserable indeed.



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