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Another year

I’ve had this blog for eight months now. It’s had 57,000 hits in that time, and 3,900 comments … probably not bad for a one-person blog. I enjoy blogging, and it has provided a platform for posting thoughts and images concerning Sean, so I’m glad of that.

We had a good Christmas and New Year, although of course we missed Sean very much. Pauline and I had our first alcohol-free night in a fortnight or so last night, and feel much better for it. We intend to make positive changes in our lives in 2011.

I’ll continue to write about Sean and his life, likes and loves here. One of his friends wrote on Facebook this morning: ‘I’m very grateful for all he taught me in his life, which is a lot more than he would think.’

I wish everyone that reads this blog a happy and fulfilling 2011.



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