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Sean’s world 7

One house in particular was a home from home for Sean. It’s a few miles from here, and out in the country like ours. We used to drop him there and collect him a lot; when I look back at my diaries I see that he often walked or cycled there when he was 11 or 12.

Sean got friendly with Robert and Martin, two brothers, at primary school. Their parents, Sarah and Graham, had moved to Ireland from Lancashire some years previously. (I won’t mention surnames because of the nature of the Internet.)

Martin continued to be one of Sean’s very best friends right to the end of his life. It was Martin that drove Sean and Clio here late on the night of Friday, 15 October, and Martin was one of the first at our house when the bad news broke on the Sunday morning. Continue reading



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Pictures of Sean (a so-called poem)

[This one’s just a bit of fun … don’t judge me too harshly; I wrote it in about 15 minutes.]

Sean in the pub
Having some fun,
Or at the rugby club
With a medal he won.

Sean looking cool
(A trick of his trade),
While breaking a rule
That his parents made.

Sean in the Manor
Letting off steam,
Or in front of the banner
Of his football team. Continue reading


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