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Sean’s music 14 … Queen

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[Slideshow shows Mossie and Sean singing ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ one night in Cavan]

Sean admired Queen … especially Freddie Mercury, for his talent and showmanship. I think it’s fair to say that Mercury was one of his musical heroes, along with the more obvious ones such as Marley and Cobain (all three now dead). Queen were probably more ‘mainstream’ than most of the musicians he liked, but Sean didn’t care about impressing anyone with his taste. Sean cared about enjoying himself.

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ was the Queen song that Sean listened to most. It’s in his YouTube ‘favourites’, and he downloaded the sound file and often played it … he loved its energy and optimism. I see it as one of his anthems; it sums up his irrepressible love of life and of partying with his friends. Continue reading



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