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Some diary entries … September to November 1993


2/9/93 – Pauline left Sean to the playschool – he didn’t want to go in; she had to stay with him for a while and then sneak off. But when she collected him it turned out that he’d had a great time. He now has a schoolbag, which she bought him yesterday, for carrying his lunch in … [later] Sean and I went to the shop for sweets, him on his bike. He went to sleep quite early.

4/9/93 – Sean and I went to the shopping centre for the paper and bread, which he transported home in the tipper of his bike … [later, in Naas] We had a barbecue and wine, and John and I also drank some cans of beer. Blanaid arrived quite late with Hannah and Daniel – she and Daniel left again after a while. Sean had a good time running around with the two kids. Continue reading


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Some diary entries … December 1993 to February 1994


2/12/93 – Sean arrived at our door early in the night: the first time he’s done this rather than crying for one of us … [later] it was decided, after Pauline had rung Holles Street, that Susanna should be taken to see the doctor there, so Susanna, Nuala and Pauline went off in the car and Sean and I ‘did runnings’.

3/12/93 – We had lunch and then everyone except Susanna and me went to Dundrum. The nurse called after they got back to do a heel test on Susanna; the first one hadn’t worked. Sean and I did runnings upstairs while she was here. It has been decided that the sander is too loud for Susanna’s ears, so they’ll all be going away for a couple of days soon so that I can get it done.

7/12/93 – I rang Pauline. They’d gone to the hospital on the way to Warrenpoint. Susanna is fine, and 10 lb. They also went to a baby massage class. Continue reading

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Some diary entries … March to May 1994


3/3/94 – Paul and Alan collected Sean, and they went to the party (in Eleanor’s mum’s house) … A woman called Karen left Sean home – he’d had a good time.

7/3/94 – We were expecting to go to Bernie’s for Sean, Susanna and I to get bioenergy treatment, but Bernie rang to say she had a bug.

8/3/94 – Nuala, Sean, Susanna and I went to Bernie’s, where she gave the bioenergy treatment to all four of us in turn. It was interesting and enjoyable, and relaxing. Sean and Susanna were very good.

11/3/94 – Nuala, Sean, Susanna and I went to Bernie’s for our final session. My eczema seemed to be clearing up a bit … We drove to the hospital to see Pauline … Pauline gave Susanna a feed … [later] While stirring together some cod liver oil and apple juice, Sean fell off a chair and most of the CLO spilt … He likes the concoction. Continue reading

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Some diary entries … June to August 1994

Sean's third birthday, 28 July 1994

Sean’s third birthday, 28 July 1994

3/6/94 – It took a long time to get Sean to sleep – the beanbag system has outlived its usefulness.

4/6/94 – Susanna can now roll over on her own, and play a blinking-and-smiling game.

7/6/94 – Sean was at his playgroup. He and Pauline cut our grass and next door’s in the afternoon, except for our back lawn, which I cut, with Sean’s assistance of course.

8/6/94 – Pauline took Sean and Susanna to the Nutgrove in the afternoon – Sean walked all the way there and they got a bus back. Continue reading

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Some diary entries … September to November 1994

1/9/94 – Pauline was in the park with Sean et al. and had a good time. Louise started school today.

2/9/94 – We went to the shop with the buggies later, for chocolate (a low dose for Sean), and watched some TV. (Sean collected lots of slugs in a bowl – picked them up. ‘They’re my friends. I love them.’)

4/9/94 – Pauline and I did some work in the front and back gardens, ‘helped’ by Sean et al.

5/4/94 – We took Sean, Susanna, Elaine and Louise to the park for a walk – good fun.

6/9/94 – We went to Sandymount for a drive – Pauline felt she hadn’t been getting enough practice lately. We walked/were carried on the strand for a while and Pauline drove us home in the dark. Sandymount strand brings memories back. Continue reading

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Some diary entries … December 1994 to February 1995

1/12/94 – I slept on the airbed with Sean, and we slept pretty well. I called Aileen and Jim at 6.45 – they had to catch a ferry back to Britain … [later] In the afternoon we all went to Dundrum. First we went to the library, then Sean and I had haircuts, then we went to the supermarket. Then home.

3/12/94 – I slept on a mattress in the office, with Sean in the bed beside me. I put on a video for him at 7.45, and Pauline later got up with Susanna – Susanna, and therefore Pauline, had slept very well … [later] The skip arrived, and I spent the next few hours filling it with rubbish from the shed, with some help from Pauline and less from Sean, Louise and Elaine. Sean went to Olivia’s party at 3, and is still there at 7. Susanna slept on my knee for the whole Barbarians v. South Africa match.

4/12/94 – Pauline and Sean washed the shed floor and cleaned it out. Continue reading


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Some diary entries … March to May 1995

1/3/95 – I did a Chinese stir fry, helped by Sean.

4/3/95 – Sean went to Elaine’s birthday party … At one point Sean and Louise came running up to the front door blowing bubbles, and Sean, on the doorstep, somehow spilled some of the mixture into his eyes. There was much screaming. I tried to wash it out of his eyes and calm him down, then changed his shirt. When I was going to bring him back to the party, I slipped on the doorstep and fell, with Susanna in my arms. She bumped her head, but only slightly.

5/3/95 – Sean went to Brad’s birthday party. Continue reading

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Some diary entries … December 1996 to February 1997

2/12/96 – We got Sean off to school as usual; Pauline and Susanna are at Orla’s playgroup … [later] Sean was obsessed with a luminous star that Matthew had given him – Pauline and the kids were in Maria’s after school.

3/12/96 – Pauline did her lunch duty – she thinks that Sean is having a bit of a difficult time at school because Billy now plays with Matthew instead. They did pictures/collages of hot air balloons in the afternoon; I have Sean and Susanna’s on the wall in front of me – Sean’s is really very good.

4/12/96 – Pauline had a busy morning lined up – she was to help Ms Kingston get the kids into their silkworm costumes for a dress rehearsal before going to her counselling class … [later] Realized at 1.45 that Pauline might be expecting me to collect Sean, so I took Susanna to his school and he was still there with his teacher, who didn’t mind at all (nor did Sean).

5/12/96 – The concert went well – we left at the interval; Sean as silkworm had been on by then. Continue reading

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