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Devil’s Bit

This is a new song that I’ve just written for Sean. He liked his Devil’s Bit cider … someone left a can of it on his grave, and I’m always tempted to drink it while I’m there. 🙂 It’s named after a gap in a mountain in Co. Tipperary, near where I lived as a child.

To listen to the song, please click here: Devil’s Bit

I don’t want to cry, but that’s just how it’s been
Ever since October 17
We shivered through the winter and a bigger freeze
Than you ever saw in all your 19 years

It’s a heavy load to carry every day
But we’ve helped each other out since you went away
We’ve the best of friends and that counts for a lot
But we can’t help thinking ‘bout what we haven’t got

It’s a sorrow like we’ve never known before
We didn’t think you’d be first out the door
From this world we shared where we felt so close and warm
And our love would give us shelter from the storm Continue reading


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