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Sean’s music 25 … Damien Rice

There was a particular period, a few years ago, that I have mentioned before – Sean’s last year at school, I think – when he and I used to spend a lot of time in this office in the evenings … I was on this computer, probably blogging, and Sean was immediately behind me, facing right, on the other computer … probably chatting or playing games (in exactly the spot where he would die).

He played music all the time while he was doing this, and I was introduced to a lot of good stuff that was new to me. We would talk about the tracks and the bands he played, many of which I have already featured in this ‘Sean’s music’ series of posts. There were two tracks by the Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice (with Lisa Hannigan) that we really liked … softer, gentler music than Sean usually went for. ‘Nine Crimes’ and ‘The Blower’s Daughter’ – beautiful and wistful. We listened to them a lot, and they capture part of the mood of the time, which I remember so well.

Eight months today, Sean … we love you, and miss you terribly. Continue reading


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