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11 September 2001 (diary extract)

I had a shower and a shave; Sean had a shower; Mark drove the kids to school. I worked on the HIP Survey. Aileen and Jim arrived around lunchtime, with L and O – Pauline was at the shops at the time. We chatted and I made pizzas for lunch (Pauline had bought pizza bases).

In the afternoon news started to come through of the terrible incidents in New York and Washington, and we watched some of the coverage on TV. These were really appalling acts, and will clearly dominate the news for some time. They will undoubtedly have an impact on life for decades to come.

Pauline made a shepherd’s pie for everybody, and the kids played together. Jim and I had a walk; we met Mark and his cousin Ciarán, and had a chat with them. Pauline, Jim and I drank two bottles of wine, and we and Aileen chatted at the kitchen table.


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