Nocturnal thoughts

A life long or short, although it is time-limited, contains an infinity of moments, just as a line contains an infinity of points. Some of Sean’s moments are captured, imperfectly, in photographs: a small number among the infinity.

At some point my infinity of moments in this life will end. I may become less than I am now before the end, but I hope to become more than I am now in the meantime.



Filed under Philosophy of life

2 responses to “Nocturnal thoughts

  1. Ike Jakson

    Thanks for the words, Brendan

    You echoed my feelings. My time is running faster than your remainder with 75 coming up in August but I still want to get a little better before I go. I hope as you go along that the memories will become richer as I have found on my side. Life is worth living. IkeJ

  2. Thanks, Ike, and best wishes.

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