Headstone …




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  1. I clicked ‘like’ on this and went away, but the image kept coming back to me; or rather the dates. Four years next month. I was thinking of how in the days following Sean’s death his friends were crowding into your kitchen. Now they are older maybe they have moved away and that comfort is gone. And I wondered if each time you saw their older selves you imagined what Sean would be ike now. He will stay forever young. Love to you and yours. I am thinking of you.

  2. That’s very kind of you, Isobel. I hope you’re keeping well (and that Cat is).

    What you say is very true. We don’t have Sean’s friends crowding into our kitchen anymore – many of them aren’t even in the country. So yes, that comfort is gone.

    Pauline and I have discussed before how we lost not just the 19-year-old Sean, but also the 23-year-old (now), and every other age he would have been in our lifetimes. The loss is not a static thing – it changes and grows as Sean would have changed and grown. Of course we ‘move on’ on many levels of life, but not on all levels.

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