A piku

Today is Pi Day, apparently. In honour of the occasion I have written a piku: instructions given here.

Can I form
A verse extolling in supple words pi’s weird, redolent,
Enigmatic quality? Certainly, but it may collapse.


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4 responses to “A piku

  1. Bob

    How I wish I could determine, of circle round, the exact relation Arkimedes found.

  2. That’s better than my one, even if ‘found’ should have seven letters. 🙂

    • helpmaboab

      How are things?

      I thought of you when the Spousal Unit informed me that she had booked us a cottage for the first week of July in Ardmore.

      You know how much I enjoy foreign travel, especially to Europe.

      I will be too busy and carrying too many passengers to manage any stop-offs on the way this time, but we will have to organise that pint sometime soon.

      Regards, Bob.

      • Things are good, Bob. I hope you’ll get some nice weather for the trip abroad (especially as we would get it too). And yes, the pint idea is certainly appealing. Enjoy your holiday.

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