Some diary entries … September to November 1992


3/9/92 – Sean slept till 6.30 or so, then went back to sleep in our bed. I got up at 8.10 and Sean danced to Davy Spillane, as I mistakenly thought the TV was still on the blink.

4/9/92 – Met my dad off his train, and we got a bus to town and then a 48A out … My dad was very taken with Sean of course.

5/9/92 – I got up with Sean. My dad and I took him to the shopping centre for the papers. My dad went to Sandycove for a swim.

6/9/92 – We decided that I should go full-time freelance in January.

14/9/92 – [in Portstewart] Liam, Sian, Pauline, Sean and I went downtown again, leaving Christine to do some paperwork. Drank coffee in Morelli’s; chatted to some Americans. A bit later everyone went to Coleraine.

15/9/92 – In the afternoon we all went to Donegal in the car, to Greencastle. Had something to eat and drink in the Old Fort Inn, got the key of the Martello tower and nearly got blown off the top.

16/9/92 – After the babies were in bed, Christine, Pauline and I went to the Anchor Bar for a few drinks.

17/9/92 – Peter, Nuala, Bertie, Pauline, Sean and I had a walk in Kilbroney Park – the setting was magical.

19/9/92 – We all went to Dundrum around lunchtime. Bought some underwear in Penney’s and then went to Bewley’s. Sean made a big impression. We bought 10 gallons of paint and struggled home. A beautiful afternoon – we went to the park and to Superquinn.

20/9/92 – It was a beautiful day again – we took Sean for a walk and got most of the livingroom ceiling painted while he was asleep.

27/9/92 – We spent a few hours in Marley Park in the afternoon – Sean played in the playground.

2/10/92 – I got Sean to sleep around 9.30, singing ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’.

4/10/92 – Sean and I played football in the back garden (!).

10/2/92 – Did the usual things – played with Sean, watched some TV, put him to bed – he was more difficult than usual, and I had to sing three Leonard Cohen songs.

11/10/92 – We spent a good deal of time in Marley Park, especially in the playground.

31/10/92 – Pauline and Sean had gone to the supermarket, where Sean had been disco dancing … Lots of groups of kids called, dressed up – we had no sweets so we gave them money. We also took Sean out for a while to sample the Hallowe’en atmosphere.

4/11/92 – Delighted that Clinton has been elected.

5/11/92 – We spent most of the morning in Marley Park, including the playground and feeding the ducks. It was a beautiful morning, and we had a very good time.

6/11/92 – Pauline and Sean called to my work in the afternoon; Sean was much admired by all … Pauline cooked a fry for dinner – we were all in high spirits and played around a lot.

7/11/92 – Pauline, Sean and I walked or prammed to Dundrum in the drizzle and went to Wally Wabbit’s, where Sean played and we watched/helped him and drank coffee.

8/11/92 – We all went to the park. Had a good time there, including playground. Sean was getting onto the top of the slide and sliding down in various positions by himself.

10/11/92 – Sean is eating well these days. He is also saying ‘No!’ frequently.

18/11/92 – Pauline took Sean to a baby and toddlers’ group in a Methodist Hall near Wesley College. He had fun.

21/11/92 – Sean had his best sleep ever – from 9.45 to 9.30, the last spell being in our bed.

22/11/92 – Later in the afternoon we went to Marley Park – it was damp and windy. Sean petted a dog, and was admired by various passers-by … Tomorrow is the big day when I give Bill my notice … not really looking forward to it, but looking forward to having done it.

23/11/92 – Spent about an hour in Bill’s office – I told him that I’d be leaving at the end of the year. He was very good about it, and promised to give me freelance work from time to time … Met Pauline and Sean in Bewley’s at lunchtime – Sean was manically waving a large balloon on a stick.



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3 responses to “Some diary entries … September to November 1992

  1. Recently we met the mother of one of Sean’s friends for the first time. He had stayed in her house a few times. She spoke very highly of him.

    One of the things she told us was that any time he saw her on the street, he would hold out his arms and go up to her and give her a big hug.

  2. Shermeen

    Hello Brendan. Great memories. I am not surprised what the mother of Sean’s friend had to say about him.

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