Some diary entries … December 1992 to February 1993

sean garden 001

3/12/92 – Sean hadn’t slept during the day, and we hoped to keep him awake till 8.30, but he fell hopelessly asleep at 6.45, and to our chagrin awoke at 7.45. Then he was alternately cranky and lively till all hours.

5/12/92 – We went to Marley Park and had a nice time there.

6/12/92 – Got quite wet going to the shop for a paper. Sean made me play with him rather than read it.

7/12/92 – Met Pauline and Sean in Bewley’s – Sean had a new clear plastic ball with water and a [toy] fish in it.

13/12/92 – Pauline went to the Methodist Hall to help get the party ready; Sean and I followed. Loads of kids and parents there … Sean had a good time – there were professional entertainers and a Santa Claus.

15/12/92 – Pauline and Sean were in the park for a good while this morning, and made friends with a Dutch woman and little boy.

25/12/92 – [In Warrenpoint] We were all up reasonably early. Pauline and I took Sean and Bertie out for a walk – it was a nice day. We all opened the presents that were under the tree … Sean was very pleased with his cassette player; he got a lot of other presents too.

31/12/92 – At midnight loads of people poured out onto the street, shouting (we didn’t), and there seemed to be some sort of laser show near by … Sean can now jump up with both feet.

2/1/93 – We all went to the park quite early in the day – Sean did a lot of walking and exploring.

4/1/93 – A slow start to my freelance life, but I feel that things are shaping up quite well.

8/1/93 – We all went to the ILAC Centre library. Borrowed three books on Noah’s Ark (Pauline is thinking of using this theme to decorate Sean’s room).

9/1/93 – I took Sean to the supermarket and bought a lot of groceries. Peter, Nuala and Bertie arrived – Sean was particularly delighted to see Bertie [dog], having called his name often over the past couple of weeks.

14/1/93 – Sean had his meningitis jab this morning – it didn’t seem to bother him at all.

17/1/93 – Sean shouted out ‘Bertie! Bertie!’ in his sleep … We went to the park and he pottered around happily, doing his latest head in the sand trick.

21/1/93 – Sean didn’t have his afternoon nap, and now it’s a question of keeping him awake as long as possible and seeing if we can wean him off it altogether.

22/1/93 – The three of us got a bus to town and caught the 3.00 train. It was packed, and we had to stand as far as Drogheda. Sean was very good.

28/1/93 – Sean one and a half today … It was a beautiful day – the first in ages. We all went to Marley Park and had a good walk. Sean threw stones in the water for ages.

30/1/93 – Met my dad off the 6.20 train, and we got two buses home. Sean was pleased to see his granddad, and showed off a lot. My dad was very impressed with him. … The punt was devalued by 10% today – effectively an 11% pay rise for me as things stand.

1/2/93 – Walked down to Dundrum as if I were going to S&C – we’re keeping up this pretence so my dad doesn’t have to worry about me having given up the job.

3/2/93 – Sean slept through for the first time in ages – bliss.

4/2/93 – The windowcleaner called – he’s a fisherman from Wexford whose boat sank.

5/2/93 – Loads of work on now.

13/2/93 – We all went to the park, had a good walk and took some photos (the film was subsequently to be destroyed by Sean).

16/2/93 – Sean had no afternoon nap, and was in great form all day after his good sleep – he’s still awake at 10 or so.

23/2/93 – Went to the park with Sean and Pauline during the morning and fed the ducks – it was a beautiful day.

25/2/93 – My dad rang – he had received my letter and congratulated me. He is delighted that I have gone full-time freelance.

28/2/93 – Sean has taken to pointing to Pauline’s eye and saying ‘baba’ at his reflection.


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