The Well

A new song, sung by Pauline and me. My first for a while, and not explicitly about Sean this time. But I’ve put in a nice debs photo from 2008 anyway.

To listen, please click on The Well.

Lyrics here:

There’s a story that I tell
All about a wishing well
Leaned right over, fell right in
Heard a mellow violin

Listened to the tune all night
Rescued in the morning light
Found I couldn’t stay away
Fell back in another day

And all the bones I broke have knit
And all the wounds
Have turned to scars
And all the pieces fit

But I still go back to the well
When I’ll quit
My need for it
I can’t tell

Winter time has come around
The fiddle makes a mournful sound
I still was wearing summer clothes
While in the well the water froze

Late at night I hum the tune
I heard beneath a rising moon
And wish that I could break the spell
That draws me to the wishing well

When you’re lying in your bed
The well is deep
You try to sleep
But toss and turn instead

Day will break but sun won’t show
You’ll think you’re cursed
clouds will burst
And weeds will grow

Swollen sky, stormy sea
Do you want to walk with me?
Stand and watch waves that break
Trees are dancing, windows shake

Maybe mad, maybe sane
Going out, chase the rain
Catch my death along the lane
If it catches me I won’t complain



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4 responses to “The Well

  1. aedin

    listening to this with aoife – and a friend – should be asleep now but it’s lovely – enjoying it – i played it for aoife without telling her who it was – so she was extra delighted to find out who it was

  2. Shermeen

    Good morning Brendano. Poetry is of course open to interpretation and the way I have interpreted this piece, it comes across very soulful and deep. I rather like the allegorical way you have expressed yourself. Great.

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