Sean and me, Windy Arbour



August 15, 2012 · 9:43 pm

2 responses to “Sean and me, Windy Arbour

  1. papaguinea

    He’s a chubby-cheeked fella here – its a lovely photo, the pair of you “knitted” together, Sean safe and loved in fathers arms .There is a lovely symmetry here in the photo. (I missed this time-slot with Kojo as he was in Ghana for his first eleven months.)
    We are off to Helensburgh, West side of Loch Lomond for a weeks holiday as from Monday – the first time we have really been away together as a family! I do miss Scotland and have some catching up to do with the aid of a decent malt.
    Hoping you have settled down following Sean’s 21st.

    • Thanks, PapaG … yes, it’s a nice one. He was a hefty, well-built, alert baby, and of course I remember the smell of him and so on. Even then he was always pushing the boundaries and trying to move on to the next stage.

      I hope you’ll all have a great time on the bonny, bonny banks (a song my mother used to sing … she grew up in Scotland). Very different from London anyway, so it should be a nice break.

      Enjoy those malts!

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