Sean about to catch a bus to Donegal with some friends after he finished his Leaving Cert, June 2008 … he was not quite 17 years old.

The number of hits on this blog creeps into six figures and, 21 months after his death, Sean’s 21st birthday approaches. We’ll be marking it, of course.

As time moves on, being without him becomes no less strange. Pauline and I, while accepting his loss on some levels, still find it almost impossible to believe on others. Every time we think of him – and we think of him a great deal – he is as real a person as if he were just about to walk in the door.

Some people who knew him don’t talk about him when we wish they would, not understanding. Some who didn’t know him are happy to give us the opportunity to talk about him, and we are glad of that. He is still a member of our family, after all.

There are fewer tears than there used to be, but there are still tears. Life goes on and changes, and we try to move forward in various ways, but some things will never change. We love Sean like we always did.



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8 responses to “100,000

  1. Ike Jakson

    Brendan, Forgive me if I talk out of place but with a little experience.

    We celebrated what would have been Boetie’s 70th birthday a month ago and just three weeks before that we remembered the day he had crossed the river in 2010. His wife and I found that the memories are getting better and that his presence is as strong as ever. He knew and we know that we love him and that sustains us.

    Keep well and strong; and congrats on the 100 000; it is best if I don’t mention my figure but I am just crawling along real slow taking it day by day down here.


  2. papaguinea

    I have a strong feeling Brendano that your journey, that forward journey of yourself and your wife, is also shared by Sean.(He may also be plotting it!) I so much encourage the use of word, song, and celebration in bringing Sean shoulder to shoulder with all before you. May 100,000 become 200,000 and may 200,000 become one million and then let all numbers be dwarfed in the infinity of stars and space. Then may we all, family and friends, share eternal love for one another.at one final and everlasting wedding. Amen!

    • Hello PapaG … nice to see you. I do feel that the four of us, and many, many others, are sharing a journey. The road to God knows where – quite an appropriate title for this blog. And yes, we are plotting some songs and stories, as is right and proper.

      I hope that you and your family are well.

  3. Hi. Well done on the magic number! Hope that everything in washed out Virginia is going OK.

  4. Shermeen

    Good evening Brendano. It is good to read about your family. I have always felt your blog was read and appreciated by many. And here is the proof. I am sure, like me, most of your readers feel quite inadequate to say something befitting, so they do not say anything.

    I have been away for a while and it is good to be back.

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