Beating Heart, sung by Martina and Timmy

I hope you like it.


March 12, 2012 · 1:09 pm

6 responses to “Beating Heart, sung by Martina and Timmy

  1. papaguinea

    Martina and Timmy, I just love what you have given to this song and for us as viewers to see you enjoying singing it so much – well that is special. The shot of the dog licking at Timmy’s arm … GENIUS! I am glad too that you have believed in this song and have infused it with your own happiness. Brendano you must be well pleased – the pictures and portraits remind us just who this is about! God bless you Sean O’Brien; you would be proud of the family’s accomplishment – the words say it all and the song is a joy.

    • That’s really kind of you, PapaG … thanks. Yes, I think Sean would be proud. I remember one night in summer 2010 when Timmy and Martina were with Pauline and me in the kitchen and Sean and Clio arrived … we all had a chat and a few songs. Little did we know.

      Thanks again for your great contribution, without which the song would never have made it to this stage.

  2. Shermeen

    Very good, Brendano. I have heard it three times and find it a moving tribute. Musically it may be better (the guitar sounds great) but your version was also compelling. My favourite part in the clip is when someone, I believe Pauline, places Sean’s photo in the the foreground. Perfect spontaneous touch.

    • Thanks very much for this, Shermeen.Yes, that’s Pauline … I like that touch too. We’ve had a good reaction to the YouTube clip and we’re all pleased with it. Looking forward to the next one.

  3. Wow! Almost professional.

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