Recording ‘Beating Heart’

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3 March 2012, in our kitchen. Timmy and Martina recording my song ‘Beating Heart’, with the help of Anto. Soon to be on YouTube … I’ll put a link on this blog.

A great day.


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8 responses to “Recording ‘Beating Heart’

  1. papaguinea

    Brendano – I love the pictures,everything looks so cosy and the dogs are a delight. I cant wait to hear the result. Thanks so much for letting us see this in creation! Everything looks so harmonious.

    • Hello PapaG … good to see you!

      The recording session went well … Timmy played guitar and bass, and there are four vocal tracks … a lot of harmonies. Also a percussion track. Anto will mix it, and I think the result will be really good.

      Again, huge thanks to you for your input to the song’s development. Maybe you’ll be involved in another recording of it in the future (I hope so).

      It’s not looking so good for Spurs just now …

      • papaguinea

        Ha – I had a notion that Spurs would lose 2-3 and bet on that at 25 to 1. When they were 0-3 down I bet on Spurs winning 4-3 at 40 to 1. You see I believe! But it wasn’t to be ha ha. Never mind, there will be a scrap for 3rd and maybe 4th place. Football’s not everything. I interrupted the game to read and look at your blog.
        I’ll be interested in the song result and I wish that many will like it a lot. As you know I feel the lyrics are a kind of love song to your son (both as a baby and a teenager). And yes you will hear me …as soon as i get a harpist!

        No seriously I will try and record a harp type version, or indeed piano. I can tell you now that I love my job, the kids and staff are great, and the hours (2 and a half a day) suit me well! But I shall write you an e-mail on that one; plus I’m keeping a journal!

  2. Great news about your job, PapaG … sounds ideal. The journal is a good idea.

  3. Shermeen

    These must be the clever musician friends you mentioned, Brendano. I hope the session results in the success it deserves to be.

    However, all I note in the photos are the artistic touches of Pauline in your kitchen. A very warm and inviting place it looks too.

    • Hello Shermeen … yes, these are two of our accomplished friends. Martina is a lovely singer, and Timmy is excellent at singing and guitar, as you will hear in due course.

      Everyone says it’s a warm and welcoming kitchen. Pauline designed and made the stained-glass door panels.

      • Shermeen

        It is more than the stained-glass door that catches the eye. I like the blue floral motif, the metallic ‘flowers’ on the wall and of course the array of small decorative wall plates. All very pleasant.

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