On eagle’s wings

I remember the day the photograph was taken … Sean told me that he and some of his friends had been touring around aimlessly in a car – I think Conor was driving. They saw some wind turbines on a hill in the distance, and decided to drive to them. Accomplishing this was an adventure in itself, and they had a fun day.

At Garry’s funeral today we spoke to Conor and the other friends that would have been with Sean that day, as well as Clio. It was strange to see them in the setting of a funeral again. I hope that this will not be repeated any time soon, and that we’ll be seeing them in happier circumstances.

Last night in a vivid dream I was walking down a slope in some unknown city, with the sea straight ahead; the sun was shining brightly. I was thinking about Sean and Garry, and wondering about the meaning of life and whether I had learned anything in my 51 years.

I began to go into a different ‘head space’, as I sometimes do in dreams. I am aware of this as it happens … aware that it is ‘only’ a dream, but also that it is very real, and in no way ordinary. A feeling of ecstasy came over me.

I realized that, if I wanted to, I could probably fly. So, I began to run forward and, sure enough, I took off. I flew very high, effortlessly, with a wonderful feeling of bliss and contentment. At one point I began to fall like a stone but was still ecstatic, knowing I would have a soft landing, and thanked God for looking after me.

At Garry’s funeral this morning a psalm I didn’t know was sung – ‘On Eagle’s Wings’.

And He will raise you up on eagle’s wings,
bear you on the breath of dawn,
make you to shine like the sun,
and hold you in the palm of His hand.

I had told Pauline about my dream – the psalm reminded her of it, as well as me.



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8 responses to “On eagle’s wings

  1. Shermeen

    Good morning Brendano.

    Belated happy New Year to you.

    Your dream is wonderful and if I may say, very spiritual.

    I love the photograph of Sean. Perhaps inadvertently, perhaps intentionally, it appears very artistic, very meaningful. The colour combination of natural and man-made items is beautiful.

    • Good morning Shermeen, and a belated Happy New Year to you too.

      Thanks very much. Yes, I like the photo a lot too. Such a blue sky. It’s funny how people feel impelled to stretch out their arms like that in certain situations.

  2. Pauline made this note on 15 January 2002, when Sean was 10 years old.

    Sean, Brendan and I were watching Nationwide and there was a piece about wind farms. Later in the evening Sean offered to massage my feet. He talked about what jobs were best paid and how long he would have to study.

    He thought he would be a physiotherapist and with the 25 to 30k he would get per year he would buy 7 turbines and set up a wind farm which would produce enough electricity for 3000 homes and earn him 20-30k in revenue per year.

    I think Sean is very clued up where money is concerned and he is determined to have plenty of it. He is intelligent and open minded about careers.

  3. Brendano, I have been ‘coasting’ on your dream since you posted on the 4th of January. I am glad it was so exhilarating and memorable, and given focus by the words of the song played at the funeral. The photo is interesting and a bit surreal. Almost like Sean has recognised the funnel or whatever that is, as a time machine, a point of take-off. Yes, what is it that causes us to stretch our arms out in this type of picture? Perhaps a nod to the expanse of time or space. I very much like the picture for reasons Shermeen has already given.

    I used to get recurring dreams (once or twice a year) striding down hills and then discovering that I could lever myself above the ground by anything from 2 feet to 6 feet high. My first thoughts were that I must be dreaming but then I would realise that I was actually walking and moving on air and I would remember that I had done this before and that I could do it any time I wanted to. Any colleagues I was with expressed no shock at all. It all seemed quite natural. But I have never ‘flown’ as in soaring in flight!

    But ~Tuesday night this week, I dreamt I was in Scotland and was hurrying along streets to make an appointment, with the certainty that I was running late. However a burst of energy propelled me forward to cover ground at enormous strides. I then encountered a terrain and landscape rich in beauty and majesty and in clear blue skies. I found myself arriving 20 minutes before I was expected.

    The next day, in real life, I opened the post to see I had a 100% clearance on an Enhanced CRB disclosure so I’m now waiting to see if a particular school will make some offer to me! (I shall e-mail the school on Monday to nudge them to a reply.)

    • Thanks very much for these comments, PapaG … I’m on my way to bed and will reply properly tomorrow …


    • Thanks for this interesting account, PapaG. I have had very similar dreams to yours, probably at about the same frequency – the enormous strides, and so on. It seems like a glimpse of heaven … as if the curtains of everyday life are pulled back and we can see that there is a whole other world beyond. These dreams are important to me, and I don’t see them as ‘just dreams’.

      Best of luck with getting the job.

      It’s another Heineken Cup rugby weekend … I didn’t see the Ulster match, unfortunately – delighted at their big win. Hoping Munster and Leinster will win too.

  4. I forgot to tell you that a few weeks ago I dreamt you had a new header/banner whatever you call it. It wasn’t exactly a road to God knows where but more an outdoor cafe scene, somewhere in the Med with a nice backdrop of blue sky! God knows where that came from.

    Good news for Munster. Not so good for ‘Arry and the boys.

    • Thanks, PapaG. ‘Arry will be happier than Arsene at least!

      Spurs seem to get a tough time from referees … robbed against Stoke earlier in the season, and Adebayor’s ‘goal’ should have stood on Saturday.

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