Happy Christmas …

… and thanks to everyone who has commented on this blog during the year. In particular I must mention Cymbeline and PapaGuinea, who have been great online friends to me. I hope we will all have a great 2012.


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7 responses to “Happy Christmas …

  1. Metin YILMAZ

    Hello Brendan,

    Merry Christmas , my best wishes to you and your family and all the best for the New Year.

  2. Hello Metin … thank you very much, and my best wishes to you and your family for 2012.

  3. papaguinea

    Brendano, merry Christmas to you all. I am thinking of the carol “I saw 3 ships come sailing by on Christmas day, on Christmas day”

    I hope you may have caught sight of them in the distant horizon – the first was laden with memories of times past, the second laden with all you need for today and the year ahead, and the third, steered by Sean, is full of hope and pleasant surprises.

    My very best wishes to you Brendan, your wife and daughter; to Cymbeline and family, and to occasional commentators here, Shermeen, Metin, and Levent. And of course to all Irish jigsters!

  4. Thanks very much, PapaG … we sang that hymn last night (twice), and again this morning.

    It’s a lovely thought about the three ships, and one I’m happy to take on board! I hope you, your wife and Kojo are having a great Christmas Day, and I wish you all the best for the year ahead.

  5. Metin YILMAZ

    Thank you Papaguinea, my best wishes to you and your family too..Merry Christmas…

  6. Thanks Brendan, and PapaG, very kind of you.. My best wishes.
    Incidentally, will this blog continue to be dedicated to Sean? If so, would you consider making another blog so that we can get juicy? 🙂

    • I’ll continue to write about Sean in the New Year but may write about other things as well, here or on a separate blog. Not quite sure what you’d be like when ‘juicy’. 🙂

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